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Best Student Discounts on Streaming Services 2022

College is one of the most cherished phases of a student’s life. It is, however, enthralling and exhausting in equal parts. Between assignments, projects, classes, and exams, students get little to no time for themselves. Moreover, given how costly going to college can be, students juggle paying tuition fees and monthly living expenses while trying to save up for things they like.

Every student needs a good source of entertainment in their busy lives, but at an affordable price. Well, there are several streaming services available that offer hefty discounts to college students. All you need is your institution’s email address with a “.edu” in it, and you are sorted. By logging in with this email address, you can avail yourself of the exclusive student benefits offered by the top streaming services.

Best Inexpensive Streaming Services For Modern Learners

Most streaming services allow students to use their platform for free for a few months initially, and after the free trial ends, you can avail of the student discount. The best part is that the student discounts are valid as long as you are enrolled in the college. Here are some of the best student discounts on streaming services at the moment that you certainly would not want to miss.

  1. Amazon Prime Student
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Amazon Prime is currently leading with its student discount as it offers college students a six-month free subscription to the services of Amazon Prime. When the six-month free trial comes to an end, students are eligible to continue the services at just $7.49 per month, which is almost half the typical prime membership price. The perks of having an Amazon Prime membership include access to the latest TV shows and movies, unlimited photo storage, and faster deliveries when ordering from Amazon.

Now students can complete their assignments while binge-watching shows and keep themselves entertained when the academic pressure builds up. However, when said pressure gets too intense, students can always reach out for help. Whether you need essays you can order papers for sale, research papers or other writings from GrabMyEssay.

  1. Spotify Student Discount

It is hard to find any student who does not use Spotify as it is quite popular among students nowadays. However, Spotify is widely criticized for its notorious marketing through annoying ads. Paying for ad-free music, which comes only with a premium subscription, cannot be afforded by everyone, but if you are a student, Spotify has a deal for you. These are some benefits you can get on Spotify when logging in with your student ID:

  • The first month is free.
  • After the free trial ends, at $4.99/month, students can enjoy ad-free music.
  • Spotify Student Discount bundles together Spotify premium, Hulu, and Showtime.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  1. Hulu Student
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By signing up as a student on Hulu, you can save almost 70 per cent of what goes into buying the normal Hulu subscription. One of the top TV shows and movie streaming platforms currently, Hulu offers students to pay as low as $1.99 per month to enjoy its services. With this subscription, you get access to the original and premium content of Hulu and all its shows.

While many may claim that watching movies and shows stifles productivity, watching cinema can largely influence your creativity. If you are someone willing to go into the media industry and be a director or content writer for movies, watching quality content can help you in the longer run. If not, it can still help you entertain and relax as a student, which is crucial to preventing burnout.

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Final Thoughts

Students can get compelling discounts on streaming services and save up big time. Apart from saving money, they get access to exclusive premium ad-free content. Amazon, Spotify, and Hulu are some streaming platforms offering huge student discounts at the moment. We have rounded up all the information needed for you to make an informed choice and help you save on entertainment. Whether taking virtual or in-person classes, taking a study break and watching the latest TV shows and movies can be a much-needed relief amidst an overwhelming college life.

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