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Best Tools To Maximise Performance Of Your Android


As an individual could you imagine a complete day without your smartphone, the scenario is scary, right? Of course, it is. We have all become glued to our smartphones that it has become virtually difficult if not impossible, to be without it.

This is because it has become part of our everyday lives and activities. Unlike the desktop, laptops, and tablets. Smartphones are very much portable and can easily fit into our hands, pockets, and pulse which means we can easily carry it about to wherever we are going. It is also not heavy when compared other PCs.

Like I have mentioned smartphones has become part of our everyday lives, we use it in our workplaces, homes, business, social gatherings. These days it is very difficult to see an individual without a smartphone, even children now have access to smartphones. People today because of emergence of smartphones, now conduct their business from the comfort of their homes. Social media outlets also aided to that, it is now easy to see someone who sells things online, only has an online shop and not a physical shop.  Today you can’t talk about education without mentioning the importance of smartphones in the learning process. smartphones have made teaching and learning easy.

Smartphones are of different types which includes Android, Windows, Amazon and iPhones. Now because of the nature of our discussion we will be focusing on Android smartphones.

The first Android smartphone was the HTC dream, back in 2008, and since then many smartphone manufacturers have been partnering with Android in making operating system for their smartphones. Examples of this smartphones manufacturers and brand include Samsung, HTC, Huawei and the list goes on. Android smartphones are very popular in the tech market compared other phones OS (operating system) like Windows and iOS. This is because android smartphones are cheaper, easy to understand and operates. Hypothetically speaking 6 out of every 10 people are using an Android smartphone and that shows you it’s popularity and usefulness.

Now these individuals that use Android smartphones will definitely want to increase its efficiency and performance especially when it comes to speed. We all want an Android smartphone that has greater speed when it comes to download, browsing, and also it’s processor speed. We want an Android smartphone that can run multiple applications at the same time, without actually hanging or slowing down.

This does not mean that there are no Android smartphones that can perform this tasks effectively, the only downturn is that most of them are very costly and expensive, which is beyond the financial capability of most individuals.

So the question now becomes what do you actually do to enhance your Android smartphone’s performance and efficiency? Before we answer that, lets first analyze the benefits of optimizing your Android smartphone.

Optimizing your smartphone is very beneficial because with optimization it saves your phones battery by stopping those applications running in the background that uses excessive power especially unnecessary apps. It also deletes unnecessary files from the phone memory thereby freeing up space. By so doing it increases your Android smartphone’s efficiency for greater performance. With that being said lets now dive into ways and tools you can actually use to maximize performance of your Android phone, they include the following:


  • INSTALL AN ANTIVIRUS: Antivirus will help detect virus on your Android phone in real time thereby ensuring it doesn’t corrupt your important files and applications. It also offers security to your Android phone, even though installing an antivirus on your Android phone is highly recommended. You can also back it up when you VeePN. Along with antivirus a VPN give an extra security and protection for your mobile device.
  • BLAST AWAY BLOATWARE: Most times your Android smartphone comes with your pre-installed applications known as bloatware. This bloatware takes up most of your phone’s memory space and. Also drains the battery of your phone thereby making it slow. So ensure you blast them out.
  • ADJUST YOUR PHONE’S AUTOBRIGHTNESS: Another simple way of maximizing the performance of your Android smartphone is by regulating its brightness which will in turn save its battery life.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOCKSCREEN: You can actually decide the application that pop up your lock screen so put your most useful applications as widgets on your lock screen.
  • RESTART YOUR ANDRIOD SMARTPHONES: Restarting your Android smartphone, clears all applications running in the background and also clears unnecessary files thereby speeding up your phones performance.
  • UPDATE YOUR APPLICATIONS: Updating important applications on your Android phone is another of optimizing it, to increase its general performance.
  • FREE UP STORAGE SPACE: To ensure your Android phone is performing at its optimal best it is very necessary you every once in a while free up your storage space. Delete junk and unnecessary files, pictures, videos, and applications that are obsolete and no longer useful to you. This makes your Android phone more effective and efficient.
  • USE HIGH SPEED MEMORY CARD: Using external memory card adds to the storage capacity of your phone and also its general performance and efficiency. So ensure you use class 6 or class 10 memory card for your Android.
  • AVOID LIVE WALLPAPERS: Live wall papers have a way of draining your battery life. So unless your Android phone has a very good battery, it is pertinent you don’t use live wallpaper.
  • UPDATE YOUR ANDRIOD: For more effectiveness, undated your Android version to the latest current version.


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