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Future Weed Smoker is a world leader where information on marijuana is concerned. In their endeavor to provide users with a clear picture of weed’s effects, either positive or negative, they sought to figure out how a person would look and feel after smoking marijuana in ten years. All this was done in a study dubbed, ‘Future Weed Smoker: what happens when you smoke weed continuously from now to 2030?

This study intended to clarify issues for people who, after hearing about weed’s adverse effects for years, are hearing positive things about it almost exclusively. And they are wondering what happened to the former dangerous hard drug.
This study compares two made-up characters, Smoking Jason, who smokes weed in moderation and Always-Toking Jason, a heavy smoker, and careless about his health. The physical consequences after ten years of smoking are outlined below for the two users.


Smoking marijuana causes blood capillaries in the eyes to get dilated, which makes the eyes wider. This is a reaction that may be expected in both smokers, but Smoking Jason will allow the blood capillaries in his eyes time to recover before smoking again. This means that the redness in his eyes will clear, and the blood capillaries will heal before they dilate again, and the cycle continues.

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Weed has been found to reduce intraocular pressure, which is helpful for people with glaucoma. If Smoking Jason is one of these people, marijuana is likely to minimize glaucoma effects, giving him an excellent peripheral vision.

Always-Toking Jason’s experience will be quite different. His eye blood capillaries don’t get time to heal, which means that the eyes would be permanently bloodshot. The damage to capillaries will ultimately become permanent affecting blood flow to the eyes. This guy’s vision will have been ruined in ten years. He will find it difficult to enjoy a good movie.


Marijuana has anti-inflammatory qualities, and it connects with body parts where the endocannabinoid system is located. This is helpful to the moderate user for two reasons; most common skin conditions have something to do with inflammation. When weed gets rid of the inflammation, a big part of the skin conditions are solved.

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Weed can be a solution to provide its benefits to the skin because the endocannabinoid system is located on the skin, among other body parts.

Marijuana reduces blood flow to the skin and causes low blood pressure. Always-Toking Jason doesn’t give the skin time to recover adequate blood or the blood pressure to get to its pre-smoking levels before they can smoke again. This means that their skin is continuously deprived of blood, and their blood pressure is consistently low.

Low blood pressure causes the skin to have a whitish appearance, and this is the hue that this smoker’s skin takes because their blood pressure is continuously low. Reduced blood flow leads to low collagen levels, which causes the skin to lose elasticity. The user, therefore, looks older than they are.

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Oral Health

Poor hygiene and constant exposure to smoke causes the user to develop dental carries and mouth odor. On the other hand, Smoking Johnson doesn’t smoke too much, and he brushes his teeth regularly.

Lungs and Throat

Heavy smoking of weed exposes lungs to damage caused by smoke and carcinogens. The heavy smoking user is likely to have lung cancer after ten years of smoking weed. On the other hand, the moderate smoker will enjoy the benefits of marijuana being a bronchodilator, and they will, therefore, breathe better.


Large quantities of weed can make the user feel averse of physical exercise. This will lead to increased weight and poorer general health. When smoked in smaller quantities, marijuana energizes the user, which is likely to push them towards physical exercise. Therefore, smoking Jason will have a healthy body within the right body weight after ten years of smoking weed.

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